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Land of Make-believe

Ages 4-5

Introduction to creative expression, puppetry, dance, music and song.  Great opportunity to learn sharing, cooperation, following directions and beginning balance control.  

Morning Fitness/Dance

Drop In

(Must have valid SCT class card)

The whole family can join the early morning dance fitness classes.  Begin your day with a deep body stretch, toning and strength training.  Explore music rhythm and contemporary dance movement.  Fun!

Storybook Playgroup

Ages 3 - 5

Explore the captivating world of children's literature with your child.  Join us for weekly storybook read-alouds, theatrical adventures, imagination games, puppet shows, dress up and more...

Parent or caregiver must be present.


Family and Me

Ages 3 - 5 (caregiver must be present)


Enjoy the Imaginarium and Tinkerlab with your child - lot's of fun!


Open everyday during regular studio hours

(A valid SCT class card required)

Artistic Exploration ⋅ Hands-on Discovery ⋅ Nature Inspired

Authentic Materials ⋅ Variety of Tools ⋅ Loose Parts

 Design Your Project Today!

The SCT Tinkerlab is beautifully designed and AWESOME!

Groups Must Obtain a Reservation


(Ages vary - check class roster)

Create awesome art projects using science, technology, engineering, and math principles.


(Ages vary - check class roster)

Does your child have a strong sense of humor and a vivid imagination?  This delightful program helps children create funny facial expressions and put their ideas on paper.

Masterpiece Art & Composer Appreciation

(Ages 6 - 9)

Students learn about famous artists and composers.  This class will inspire your child to create their masterpiece.

Young Actors

Ages 6 - 8

Introduction into the Theatre Arts

Respect   ♦   Responsibility   ♦   Collaboration   ♦   Compassion

Exploration into the five senses ⋅ Communication skills ⋅ Dance

Characterization ⋅ Creative Play ⋅ Games ⋅ Voice

Opportunity to participate in Step Up and On Stage Productions

Acting Intensive

(Ages 9 - 12)  ⋅   (Ages 13 - 15)

Introduction or Continued Study in Theatre 

Respect   ♦   Responsibility   ♦   Collaboration   ♦   Compassion

Basic stage direction, scene study, characterization, monologues, improvisation, auditioning technique, performance, dance and voice

Learn to overcome obstacles and achieve objectives through dramatic exercise

Casting Opportunities

Step Up ♦ On Stage ♦ Limelight


Advanced Acting Intensive

Ages 12 - 17

Previous Acting Experience and SCT Special Permission Required

The pre-professional course serves as a prerequiste for serious students interested in acting as a career choice or meeting college entrance criteria.

Historical Court Dance

(Ages vary. Please check current schedule.)

This class focuses on the social dance of Court in the Renaissance period. Most dances are performed in circles or lines. Complex (couples) dances are taught by special arrangement.

International folk dance

(Ages 6 - 8)  ⋅  (Ages 9 - 12)  ⋅   (Ages 13 - 15)

Visiting teaching artists introduce music and dance from varying cultures around the world.  Special performances for family and friends (Step Up) upon conclusion of course.  So much fun!

Check calendar for class availability

Street Dance

(Ages vary. Please check current schedule.)

Learn core street dance skills and express your inner style.

Musical Theatre Dance Prep

(Ages 6 - 8)  ⋅  (Ages 9 - 12)  ⋅   (Ages 13 - 15)

Progressive skills and steps

Graceful movement

Variety of Dance Styles

Focus on turns, strength and flexibility

Stage Craft / Theatre Production

(Ages 13 -17)

SCT Special Permission Required

Become a crew member!

Hands-on constructing sets, Costume Design, Lighting and Set Design, Makeup, Promotion Program Design

SCT Cast


You have been selected to be a cast or crew member in the current SCT production.  Please obtain a copy of the SCT Cast and Crew CODE of CONDUCT form.

Cast, crew and parent signatures are required.  

May the show begin...

Creative Writing and Illustration

Beginners ( 8 - 10 )               Youth ( 11 - 15 )

(Express your voice through writing and art)

Your child will be inspired in our creative writing space.  It is fun to work with fellow peers while creating literary masterpieces.  Instruction includes exposure to a diverse range of genres, forms, and writers.  What interests your child?  Poetry, comics, lyrics, fiction, playwriting, creative nonfiction, and more!

Opportunity to present exerpts of work on stage.

Public Speaking & Leadership

(Ages 6 - 9)  ⋅  (Ages 10 - 13)  ⋅   (Ages 14 - 17)

Your child will learn to express themselves with confidence. Very supportive and engaging workshop. Great Opportunity to overcome shyness. Students have an opportunity to become a SCT Ambassador!

Social Ettiquette

Beginners ( 5 - 9 )               Youth ( 10 - 17 )
This fun and interactive workshop is strongly encouraged for all SCT students. Topics include respect, kindness, eye contact, communication, dining, manners, civility, making friends, and attending special events.

Graduates may attend one of our "by invitation only" dance or tea parties.

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