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Creative Enrichment




Storybook Children’s Theatre Creative Arts Academy is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) project offering a comprehensive Arts Curriculum to children.  SCT is dedicated to supporting the ARTS through advocacy, research, scholarship, and community partnerships.

Summer Camp 2019 with Storybook 


SCT provides immersion in creative arts, theatre, dance, literature, public speaking, community engagement, and leadership.  Our supportive environment encourages self-discipline, problem solving, taking risks, meeting challenges and teamwork.


Our Programs

What we do

The SCT Artistic and Cultural Ecosystem

The main priority of Storybook Children’s Theatre is the well-being and emotional health of young people.  All programming, policy, and funding decisions are made with their best interest in mind.  Our focus is to create a positive learning experience for everyone.

SCT strives to enhance the quality of life in the North Bay by presenting imaginative, diverse, artistic experiences for the community through education, events, civic participation and performance.


Studio and Classroom Environment

Respect   ♦   Responsibility   ♦   Collaboration   ♦   Kindness

We call our studio The Imagination Sanctuary because one feels a sense of creative freedom when entering the prepared environment.  It is a place that inspires curiosity, reflective thought, amusement, purpose…

Art Studio offers mixed media, crafts, drawing, collage, mosaic, painting, clay and other fun activities under the direction of trained teachers.

Hands-on projects related to theme are placed throughout the space amidst a backdrop of visual art, literature, science and geography.

The design and learning opportunities change in support of the current theatre production.  Weekly themes are planned for the younger child classes.

Individual Achievement
Many SCT Cast roles are custom written to meet the needs of individual children.  The original works of art are timely and relevant for the community.

Individual attention is the hallmark of SCT productions.

SCT wants all students to have access to quality programming and opportunities.  Therefore, it is important to match children to the classes that are most suitable for them.  The staff makes every effort to place students into proper groups depending on current abilities and prior experience.

Effort → Progress → Success

(Check out the SCT Award Program)

Positive Learning Experiences
“There really is such a thing as The Golden Age of Childhood”

The Storybook Children’s Theatre is a positive and productive learning environment for everyone.  We make every effort to take consideration of children’s differing needs, interests, styles and abilities.  The staff takes time to acknowledge students for their accomplishments and effort.

The SCT Real Life Curriculum
  • Self Reliance
  • Personal Growth
  • Time Management
  • Group and Independent Learning
  • Education for Social Responsibility
  • Involvement With Community

SCT students will grow to reflect positive qualities necessary for being happy and successful in today’s world.

Community Engagement and Outreach

The Storybook Children’s Theatre is dedicated in our effort to build an engaging ARTS COMMUNITY HUB for children and their families.  Our social network reaches out to the community bringing the joy of theatre and art to everyone.


The SCT Step Up Productions are designed for family and friends.

The SCT On Stage Productions are focused on children performing for children.  The plays are based on popular children’s literature and shared with preschool to kindergarten attendees.

The SCT Limelight Productions are large scale performances created for the general public.

Audience Engagement – The audience members become active participants in the Step Up and On Stage productions.  Interactive experiences and exhibits related to current theme bring the story to LIFE!  On Stage Cast meet-and-greets and autograph signing available by group reservation.

SCT Homeschool Connection – The Storybook Children’s Theatre offers individual students or groups to participate in our classes and workshops.  We can help customize your homeschool theatre arts education based on California Standards and personal goals.

Civic Participation – Parades, Festivals, Community Service and Field Trips

Special Events are held throughout the year and are open to the community.  The EHASS Yearly Gala highlights the children’s work and their stories.  The events encourage each child to use their skills in real society while enjoying the pleasures of community life.

Global Connection

The Storybook Children’s Theatre GCP Project expands access to unique experiences in visual arts, music, dance, theatre, literature and nature around the world.  Technology bring an extraordinary process of learning into our studio; igniting curiosity and a heightened awareness of the world in a meaningful way.

Guest Speakers⋅ Performances ⋅ Video Conferences ⋅ Museum Tours ⋅ International Exchanges ⋅ Exhibits ⋅ Points of Special Interest ⋅ Virtual Tour of Ecosystems

SCT uses structured technology support to advance the artistic experience.  It does not replace the real human connection that is vital in our studio instruction.

The Storybook Team

Through advocacy, research and community partnerships

SCT strives to provide opportunities for children in creative arts, educational pursuit, performance, and social engagement.  Our team is committed to sharing our experience, time, resources, and energy to the varying SCT projects.  The Summer Crew for Outside the Castle Gates and The Castle on Seventh & Main will be announced soon!


May the story begin…

Storybook Children’s Theatre


Children’s Theatre
Creative Arts

SCT strives to enhance the quality of life in the North Bay by presenting imaginative, diverse, artistic experiences for the community through education, events, civic participation, performance and scholarship.